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Sport or Team Coverage

Does your team know what to do in an emergency situation?
Does someone know first aid?
Do you need help getting a player back to the game after an injury?
I specialize in

Emergency & Acute Care

  • Employ life-saving techniques through the use of standard emergency procedures to reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality.

  • Prevent exacerbation of non-life threatening conditions through the use of standard procedures to reduce morbidity

  • Administer therapeutic and conditioning exercise(s) using both standard and advanced techniques and procedures to facilitate recovery, function and/or performance either pre-or post-injury or surgical intervention, as well as for general illnesses or conditions related to the musculoskeletal system

  • Educate and provide guidance and/or counseling to patients and individuals in the treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries, illnesses and/or health-related conditions to facilitate recovery, function and/or performance

  • Educate, provide guidance and/or counseling for, and administer appropriate return protocols for patients returning from sport related traumatic brain injuries

I can cover a game, full day event, or work with your team the whole season.

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