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Therapy Sessions
Athletic Therapy

I am an expert in prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of injuries to the muscles, bones, and joints

Personal Trainer

I can guide and push you to get stronger, healthier, and have a better quality of life

Sports Medical Coverage

I can be your on-site first responder and provide first aid, assessment, and treatment of injuries that just happen

Individualized treatment and program

Everybody is different, therefore every program or plan is going to be just for you

My Approach

I use an active approach with rehabilitation. I only use tools that are going to help you get moving better, and that are also available to you. I listen to you and your concerns. I educate you on your body and injury. I look at your injury and your body as a whole to determine the cause. I guide you to feel better and prevent your pain from coming back.

About me

My name is Kelsey Nellis (Lacroix) and I am a certified athletic therapist. I want to help you get back to what you need and love to do. I enjoy being active and exploring outside. I love to be at the lake and on a beach.

I look forward to meeting you!

Getting Started

I would love to meet. You can give me a call/text or email and I can answer any questions you may have. We can set up a face to face or video chat meeting.

You choose where we meet. All I need is a private area where we can both focus on you!

Whether you are more comfortable in your own home or the Winnipeg Winter Club, you have the choice.

Below are some aspects of the appointment that you will experience with me.



Manual Therapy

Other Treatments

Take Home Exercise

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